We know how difficult planning a funeral can be. For this reason, we keep our promise to aid in the most professional manner of giving your loved one a dignified goodbye. We have a vast range of coffins and caskets to choose from and also go out of our way to make it a memorable send off. Our flower arrangements vary for every service, making each one unique.


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Mosaic Funeral Cover

A funeral plan allows you to provide for your funeral at today’s prices. Mosaic Funerals offers affordable funeral cover that will provide you with peace of mind. Our funeral plans require no medical health assessment prior to signing up and have no age limit which means that pensioners are welcome to sign up with us. Our member plus cover allows you to cover up to 14 people at once, while our corporate plan assist businesses in providing this cover for their employees.


Who needs Funeral Insurance?

We believe all people should have funeral insurance. No one deserves to go through financial stress in a time of need. Our families and loved ones deserve the best support they can receive both emotionally and financially. That is why we offer affordable funeral plans for both individuals and families.


Benefits of Our Cover

  • Cash Policies that pay out a cash value upon a valid claim.
  • Waiting periods of 6 months for most plans – no waiting period for unnatural death claim.
  • Loyalty rewards (additional cash pay-outs) should Mosaic Funerals conduct the service.


Many thanks for the service on Saturday. You were perfect and afterwards people asked me “where did you find that guy, he was excellent”.

I was so stressed and worried but you were tip top and exactly delivered what you promised. From all of our family and friends. Thank you very much. Do what God called you to do.”


I would like to say a HUGE thanks for every thing you did. With your help to all the Family you made things so much easier. Words can’t express the gratitude I have for what you have done. Mommy would really have loved the service you held with us all.

Once again, A huge thanks from the bottom of my Heart”

May I once again compliment you on excellent service given. You and all the staff showed so much compassion and understanding. Especially the undertaker who showed so much compassion. My daughter Mandy was left brain damaged after 3 brain ops as a baby. He was so kind to her, giving her a big hug when she broke down, God bless him, not many people would go the extra mile.”


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67 Soutpansberg Road, Riviera

Pretoria – Soutopansberg, Gauteng

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